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Google Project Fi Ditches Invite Only Restriction

Google Project Fi Ditches Invite Only Restriction
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Google Project Fi Ditches Invite Only Restriction

Good news Googlers, you can now try out the Google Project Fi. The tech giant’s mobile network is now accessible practically to almost anyone or at least anyone within the United States.

The Project Fi is the company’s mobile network that lets users pay only the amount of data they use each month which was first revealed to the public ten months ago. It is now forgoing the invite system restriction that it started with and instead will be made accessible to US users, reports The Verge.

Project Fi Product Manager Simon Arscott has said in a blog post that with the mobile service, the company can deliver fast Wi-Fi service and allows flexibility for the user to use it wherever they want, even internationally and charged only with a monthly bill that is simple and understandable.  Arscott also said that they are excited “to be exiting our invitation-only mode and opening up Project Fi so that people across the U.S. can now sign up for service without having to wait in-line for an invite.”

According to Tech Spot, late last year the tech giant has also lifted the invite only restriction but that was only for a day, however this time, the search engine is permanently lifting off that restriction. Which means that anyone who has a compatible device can sign up for the tech giant’s mobile service.

Google Project Fi, which was announced last April, leans on the networks of both T-Mobile and Sprint to power its network. The service utilizes millions of open and free Wi-Fi hotspots. The tech giant takes care of all these networks and all the necessary things behind the scenes so that the consumer will not have to deal with all of this and have a user experience worth keeping.

Additionally, the company refunds the cost of unused data monthly which means that the user only pays for the data that they have managed to used, which makes the offer very attractive. We all know that sometimes there are problems with unnecessary data charges, especially since most of us don’t really have the same data usage every month – sometimes it’s high and sometimes not.

This is also attractive to users going abroad as was proven by Google’s post which revealed that more that 15 percent of its customers have used its mobile service abroad. Meanwhile, Digital Trends adds that the base fee for Google Project Fi is $20 USD and consumers can pay $10 USD per 1GB of data after that. The plan also includes unlimited domestic calls and texts, 3G coverage, Wi-Fi tethering plus texts in more than 120 countries.

However, for now there is a limited audience for the Project Fi service as only users that are using Google’s Nexus phones are able to sign up for it. There are only three devices that support it which are the original Nexus 6, Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. It also works for some LTE tablets like iPads, Samsung tablets and the newer Nexus tablets. There are reports of other users using devices not mentioned for the service but it remains unconfirmed.

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