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Google Project Fi – A Cheap Phone Plan Or Just A Trick?

Google Project Fi – A Cheap Phone Plan Or Just A Trick?


Google Project Fi – A Cheap Phone Plan Or Just A Trick?

Google’s agenda has always been very clear – The Company wants to rule the market. With the latest Project Fi, it looks like Google wants to push the competitors out of the market. It involves launching such a big project, spending a huge amount on it, and then offering the service to the customers at a price no other company is offering in the market. This strategy very loudly says that right now the search engine giant is looking forward to only capturing the market.

Google – The Market Manipulator!

Facebook killed Orkut, and then Google tried to kill Facebook with Google+, but has been unsuccessful. The fight to rule the social networking domain is still on. Similarly, Google is also trying to compete with other established giants and promote its own products in the telecom market.

iPhone users will not be able to use the Fi service, at least not now. Google is providing the cheap Fi service only to Google Nexus 6 users. Though people wanting to go for the Fi service currently have no other option but to buy the $500 phone, the company has promised to introduce new phones soon. No detailed information has been provided about these phones. So we still do not know if these phones would be cheap or expensive.


Nothing is clear about what plans Google has for Project Fi. But considering the availability and the restrictions put on the availability of service, could selling the plan at a cheaper rate than the plans available in the market be a trap? Google is promoting the company’s other products – not just promoting, but trying to sell them as well. As things are still not finalized, we shall wait for the next update.

Google Project Fi – Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

When compared to other networks, Project Fi does a great job, according to the experts. As Google is only leasing airtime from Sprint and T-Mobile, it easily switches to the strongest signal in the area.

Fi also seems to be working absolutely fine in remote areas where other network providers fail to offer service. You can read a detailed review of Project Fi here.

When Project Fi stands alone, it is a service that is too good to be true. But when we consider other factors, Project Fi looks tricky. Let us just wait for the service to establish well; only then can we comment whether it’s a loss or if it’s worth to switch from your current network provider.

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