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Google Play Store Crashes Twice as Hacker Tests Bug

Google Play Store Crashes Twice as Hacker Tests Bug


Google Play Store Crashes Twice as Hacker Tests Bug

In case you have noticed, Google Play Store services were disrupted over the weekend. The reason has been uncovered: the app store was a victim to a ‘well-intentioned hack.’ Unfortunately, it was inadvertently put down, not just once but twice.

Ibrahim Balic, a Turkish hacker, claimed responsibility for both outages. In an interview with CNNMoney, he admitted being the cause to the problems. But he assured that it was not his intention to disrupt the service. Thus, he was apologizing.

In the same interview, Balic said the app store crashed when he first tested his newly discovered vulnerability within the system. But the app worked too well. The hacker said he did not intend to disable the whole Google Play Store.

Causing disruptions

At first, Balic thought the outage was not caused by his test. But he had proven that his app caused the disruption when he uploaded it for the second time. As what happened in the first test, the service was knocked off line. As of Monday, there were still reports that some users of the service could still not access the app store.

Balic claimed that he had notified Google about the glitch. But he said he did not obtain any response from the company. Balic reiterated that at first, he wasn’t sure that his tests cased the outage, but his second try confirmed it. He also assured that he properly informed Google about this.

Balic’s Apple episode

Interestingly, this is not the first time for Balic to make it to the technology headlines. He has become somehow an expert in finding bugs especially in developer portals. Just last summer, he was also responsible, as he claimed, for an outage of Apple’s developer portal. Balic admitted that it happened when he tested multiple vulnerabilities of the site. Apple eventually re-launched the affected Website after three weeks.

But Balic insists that he has no ill intentions in causing such disruptions. In fact, he is claiming innocence. However, several developers from around the globe have already expressed their frustrations over his inadvertent actions. Some of them could not help but question Balic’s ‘accidental’ disruption. For them, it is quite odd for him to cause outages several times and still claim innocence over the deed. They also noted that the problems were caused not just once.   

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