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Google Play Store Apps Soon Arriving On Chromebooks

Google Play Store Apps Soon Arriving On Chromebooks
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Google Play Store Apps Soon Arriving On Chromebooks

Google will do anything to sync its devices to a unified whole, and that is why it is now bringing the Google Play Store apps to Chromebooks. The apps will run on Google’s Chrome OS and offer similar app experiences as users are used to getting on their Android devices.

Since selective Android apps were already running on the Chromebook, Google has decided to expand the capability of Chrome OS to include the entire Google Play Store along with all its apps. Android on Chrome OS ran on ARC, or “the Android Runtime for Chrome,” which was not working out so great for the operating system or the app developers, who had to tweak their apps quite a bit to make it compatible with the then Chrome OS.

Kan Liu, the director and product manager of Chrome OS, told TechCrunch, “But that wasn’t a native implementation, so app developers had to do something to make it work. That wasn’t going to work for many developers.”

After several experiments, Google has finally settled on a Linux container, which perfectly complemented the different kinds of apps that exist on Google Play Store, without the app developers having to step in. Also, there is no difference in the performance quality of apps, especially the Play Store games, which run as smoothly as ever on the Chromebook.

However, it looks like it is going to be a while before Google introduces Google Play Store apps to all Chrome OS devices. It will first be tested out on some touch-enabled gadgets – Asus Chromebook Flip, Chromebook Pixel, and Acer Chromebook R11.

This, according to Google, will give the app developers ample time to include an advanced keyboard support on their applications making it easier for users to use them on Chrome OS, reports Digital Trends.

So, why is Google so interested in combining Android apps and Chrome OS? Liu has the answer:

“We’re doubling down on Chrome OS. What we want to do here is keep all of the great features of Chrome OS and bring all of the best parts of Android over so our users get the best of both worlds.”

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