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Google Play Starts Accepting PayPal Payments

Google Play Starts Accepting PayPal Payments


Google Play Starts Accepting PayPal Payments

Google Play Starts Accepting PayPal PaymentsWhat’s new with Google Play? It has added convenience to its users, who are used to purchasing digital goods while on the go. Google Inc’s app and entertainment portal has just rolled out the much anticipated support for payments via PayPal.

Initially, this initiative is effective in 12 countries worldwide, including Canada and the US. There is no announcement yet whether it would also be rolled out in more countries in the future, although it can logically be expected.

Thus, don’t be surprised the next time you try to make a purchase in the app store. You would find an option to perform the transaction through PayPal via the Google Wallet. It could be as easy as entering your login details and beginning the purchase transaction.

In a blog post, Google Play product manager Ibrahim Elbouchikhi said it is their goal to facilitate easy payment for its users. He added that this new integration indicates the app’s drive to continuously work with its partners in the payment industry for the delivery of services to users.

Carrier billing

Mr. Elbouchikhi clarified that Google Play users could still prefer to use carrier billing. Under this scheme, mobile purchases are charged directly to users’ monthly phone bills. This practice is now observed in 24 countries across the globe, including Taiwan, Singapore, and Thailand. According to the company, carrier billing is currently offered to about half of all users of the app.

At the same time, Google Play has made play gift cards accessible to 13 more countries, including Germany and Japan. Now, Google Play users could find new games and app in the e-commerce store. That is because the app store has also been opened to more developers in 13 more countries, including Turkey, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

More developments

There is more good news about Google Play. Google has also increased the buyer currency support to 28 territories. This further makes it easier for more developers to set pricing for their apps across 60 different nations.

For Google Play, this would open the door of opportunities to more developers. Those partners could also worry less about getting paid. Thus, they could focus more on that they do best: creation of more engaging and interesting games and apps for all Android device users to enjoy.

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