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Google Photos Updated With Manual Backup Version 1.18 On Android Phones, Coming To iOS

Google Photos Updated With Manual Backup Version 1.18 On Android Phones, Coming To iOS
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Google Photos Updated With Manual Backup Version 1.18 On Android Phones, Coming To iOS

Google Photos recently received a manual backup feature of version 1.18 of the Photo apps on Android tablets and phones. Unlike getting all your photos on the web automatically synced to the cloud, you can now select as many photos you want and manually backup to the cloud.

The manual process is simple and hassle-free. Open the option “Photos”, go the “Album” where you have your desired pictures. Select them by press holding on the photos for long and a blue tick mark will appear indicating the photos have been selected. Once done, press the triple-dot menu appearing on the top right and select “Back up Now”.

Indeed, the feature is helpful and very useful, but is only available on Android phones. Google, however, has plans to reach out to iOS devices in future. As for now, the handy feature is currently available in the Google Play Store, reports Engadget. Apart from the backup feature, Google Photos allows you to enjoy non-destructive editing features.

After realizing users’ annoyance of having all pictures getting automatically backed up, the search engine giant came up with the idea of helping them select pictures manually for which they want backup. The remedy comes with the latest release of the manual backup feature that only helps to simplify the process.

For instance, if your friend sends you pictures from last night’s birthday party, you will either have to manually move the photos to your Camera folder or temporarily enable backup for your phone’s Download folder.

The process will let the photos get stored in your Google Photos account. But with the manual set up, you may decide which photos you want to save while deleting the rest, according to Phone Arena.

The Next Web opines that users on Google Photos often run the risk of hitting data caps if they are on a regulated plan, but with manual back up they can create a folder containing pictures of their own choice and even create a back up for it. Click on Play Store to access updated Google Photos.

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