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Google Photos For Android Now Has Non-Destructive Editing Feature

Google Photos For Android Now Has Non-Destructive Editing Feature
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Google Photos For Android Now Has Non-Destructive Editing Feature

Another feature is added to the ever-growing list of new things Google is introducing this month. This time, it’s an update for Google Photos, which will probably make one happy, as it could be the first of its kind for these types of services.

Just last week, we brought you news of the said service including the latest features. And now, the tech giant has added more. The latest for Google Photos is a useful feature previously available to its iOS version; now, it has come to Android. The arrival of the feature to its Android app was announced this Monday on its Google Plus account.

This latest addition makes editing photos easier. According to Ubergizmo, it is referred to as non-destructive editing, which means the app tracks and saves individual edits made to a photo so users will be able to go back to any point to adjust the edits or remove it.

With the updated Google Photos Android app, it may also save storage space for the user. The Verge reports that before the update, the app would save an entirely new version of a photo every time a user made new edits and tapped save, leaving an app full of multiple copies of nearly the same photo.

Once the user opened one of this copies, the user was not able to go back and adjust any of the edits he made and ended up with another edited version of the photo, which made the space it occupies bigger. But with the new update, this problem has been fixed, giving the user a clutter-free gallery, more space. and more and freedom to edit pictures.

The new Google Photos v1.17 can now be downloaded for free at the Play Store. If you love photos so much, this update is probably for you, so go check it out for yourself.

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