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Google Photos Can Now Showcase Your Best Holiday Shots!

Google Photos Can Now Showcase Your Best Holiday Shots!
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Google Photos Can Now Showcase Your Best Holiday Shots!

Google has been very busy, from plans to get 100% encryption, to the development of latest devices and cars, to plans for a faster Internet connection for Cuba. It doesn’t end there, as it was unveiled that while the tech giant is busy with its latest offerings, it did not in fact, forget its older ones. The latest update for Google Photos now takes center stage.

The search engine released its latest update for Google Photos. The tech company has announced on its blog this March 22 that it has upgraded its photo sharing platform to help users compile and feature their best and most memorable photos.

Now, with the update, the photo feature will suggest a new album to a user after an event or trip that will showcase the consumer’s best pictures. Google Photos now allows the addition of maps to show how far the user has traveled.

Location pins are also added to help the user remember the places visited during the trip. After all, it can be rough trying to remember everywhere you went when you have too much fun with your friends.

Text captions complete the whole package. You can even customize your older existing albums to make it look better! The feature has started rolling out since yesterday on Android, iOS, and the web. Digital Trends also reports that the latest Album features is an update to the Assistant feature Google Photos has.

Albums is the replacement of the Stories feature. The new update also makes Google Photos able to share slow-motion videos to other apps like Dropbox

Though it is noted that this feature is a fix to its former feature, as the photo platform has been able to export videos with slow motion frame, the entire video comes out in slow motion even if the user only wants a part of it in slow-mo and not the whole video.

With the latest feature rolled out, it only confirms that Google is indeed fast-forwarding its products as much as it can. It can be noted that it is not only taking care of security, as noted on its encryption plan and Chromebook; it is also good in organizing new features of existing apps.

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