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Google Paves the Way for Full Release of Android Studio

Google Paves the Way for Full Release of Android Studio


Google Paves the Way for Full Release of Android Studio

Google Paves the Way for Full Release of Android StudioGoogle Inc has rolled out the beta version of its Android Studio, a development environment. The program facilitates easier creation of apps specifically for TVs and smartwatches.

The giant search engine firm made the announcement during the recent Google I/O developer conference. During the event, the company also unveiled the preview versions of its Android L and an associated software development kit or SDK.

Android Studio is an IntelliJ-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Its preview version was among the big announcements made by Google during its I/O in 2013.

Simplified app development

Back then, the company said its goal was to optimize and at the same time simplify general app development as compared to the use of the current Eclipse IDE. Google did not clarify when a final edition of the program would be launched. However, the beta version can be considered as an important step in the appropriate direction. It said a full release of Android Studio is being worked out.

According to some analysts, they are surprised as to how the preview version of Android Studio comes with several bugs and shortcomings. They think that it is an indication that the arrival of a full release would not take too long.

The build system of Android Studio supports the creation of so-called multiple application package files (APKs) for various types of devices. This beta version also has an app wizard and a layout editing feature particularly for Android TV and Android Wear. It will make it easier for developers to come up with creation of applications for these two new platforms.

Lacking feature

However, if there is one thing that is significantly missing from the beta version of the Android Studio, it would have to be the support for Android native development kit or NDK. It is something that developers can utilize to create parts of apps using languages like C and C++.

But there is no need to worry about this missing feature. Google has already assured that it will truly be added as a feature of the program when it gets full official release, which in turn is expected to be soon. Those who want to try downloading the beta version can just visit the Android developer online site. 

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