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Google To Pay Oracle $9.3 Billion For Building Android?

Google To Pay Oracle $9.3 Billion For Building Android?
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Google To Pay Oracle $9.3 Billion For Building Android?

Oracle has blamed Google for using the company’s protected properties for Android. The issue was first taken to court in 2012, but the jury couldn’t come to a conclusion whether Google really is the culprit or not.

Now, news is that Oracle and Google will once again come face-to-face in court this May where Oracle will seek $9.3 billion from Google for copyright infringement.

The amount Oracle is aiming at was confirmed from the damages report the company filed against Google. According to a report published by Tech Times, “While it (Oracle) wasn’t able to pin down Google during the last round, Oracle is still pursuing the copyright suit. The company will seek $475 million in damages from Google, as well as $8.8 billion in profits related to the use of the APIs, reported IDG News Service’s James Niccolai.”

The report further also said that “Google likely thinks differently on the amount of damages it owes, and that’s if it ends up having to pay them to Oracle. Google’s damages lawyer may have capped the estimates on damages at $100 million, going by a damages report filed by Oracle.” You can read the damages report filed by Oracle here.

Last time, the jury couldn’t come to a conclusion on the copyright infringement issue. A new set of jury will look after the case. This time, questionnaires will not be entertained during the trial, as the jury feels that the questions asked were vague.

William Alsup, U.S. District Judge last year said, “In short, no questionnaire will be used. We will use the Court’s usual [swear-in] procedure. We will use traditional safeguards to root out any bias. We will have a jury sworn in about three hours and then proceed to opening statements.”

We will know about who wins the case and if Google would really pay $9.3 billion to Oracle after both parties meet in court on May 9. Till then, let’s just wait and watch.

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