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Google & Acer Launch A Chromebase For $799; All-In-One Video 24-Inch Desktop

Google & Acer Launch A Chromebase For $799; All-In-One Video 24-Inch Desktop
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Google & Acer Launch A Chromebase For $799; All-In-One Video 24-Inch Desktop

Google recently joined hands with Acer, the world’s leading Chromebook brand, to launch a Chromebase for $799. The sheer purpose is to develop a desktop computer that is capable of rendering All-in-one video-conferencing experience. The deal between both companies is to help increase productivity in the enterprise market.

Boasted as the largest desktop to be running Chrome OS, the Chromebase system comes in 24-inches with 1080p resolution for its touchscreen. Right now, the system is available in the UK, Ireland, US, Canada and Australia. It will launch in other countries soon.

To help connect with more people on Google Hangout during meetings, the Chromebase promptly connects with the feature that supports up to 25 participants, reports The Verge. As for the specs, the device features a 24-inch 720p HD IPS. Other features include an SD card reader, Bluetooth 4.0 technology, an HDMI slot, a 720p front-facing camera and four microphones.

The endearing part is that the new Acer Chromebase has a more user-friendly interface compared to its predecessor. Also, it offers support for remote control tools in order to mitigate video and audio quality issues. Now you have a system perfectly efficient for conducting meetings from any part of the world with maximum flair.

Google said, “We’re also happy to announce new features to our remote fleet management tools. Administrators can receive alert notifications and track health of their fleet of Chrome devices for meetings.”

As for the price, the Acer Chromebase is available at $799 and this includes one year of management and support fees, notes Neowin. This is not the first Chromebase developed by Google, since the search engine giant released the first Chromebox for meetings with Acer in 2014.

While the predecessor is devoid of a screen, it is still marketed as a video conferencing solution for larger meeting spaces. The new Chromebase, on the other hand, is meant to be used as a personal terminal for up to two people to join a video conference.

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