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Google Nexus 5X Price Drops: Temporary Discount, Or Permanent Price Change?

Google Nexus 5X Price Drops: Temporary Discount, Or Permanent Price Change?
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Google Nexus 5X Price Drops: Temporary Discount, Or Permanent Price Change?

Google has dropped the Nexus 5X price by $30. Is this a temporary or permanent price change? If permanent, what is the reason behind sudden drop in price?

Microsoft Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL prices have just been dropped in the UK. Amazon has slashed the prices. Microsoft is also offering discounts on the same devices to students in the UK. And now suddenly, the Google Nexus 5X price has been slashed by $30.

Yes, the Google Nexus 5X price has been dropped by $30, and the starting price of this Android Marshmallow smartphone is now $349. So with the discount, you now get 16GB Nexus 5X for $349 and 32GB model for $399. If a report published about Google Nexus 5X price on Android Central is to be believed, the price has been changed permanently. The site says, “Google has offered a number of deals on the Nexus 5X already, dropping the price by as much as $80 during some promotional periods, but this is not just another promotion. This is the new price of the smartphone, making it an even better value than it was before.”

Nexus 5X Price – Why the sudden drop?

It is a known fact that Google’s Nexus phones are not as popular as Samsungs or iPhones. Just like Windows and BB10 phones, there is limited market for Nexus devices. Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X were launched with an “Android Marshmallow” strategy, like how Lumia phones were launched with the “Windows 10” strategy. Both operating systems are new and have their own set of features people could not stop talking about. But what worked for Microsoft did not work for Google. Maybe because Android 6 will soon come to other popular handsets; Windows 10 will not. To increase the number of sales, Google has no option but to drop the Nexus 5X price. In the future, we might get see a further drop in price.

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