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Google Nexus 5X: 3 Tips To Improve Battery Life

Google Nexus 5X: 3 Tips To Improve Battery Life
Google Nexus 5X TechStage / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0


Google Nexus 5X: 3 Tips To Improve Battery Life

Are you not happy with the battery life of Google Nexus 5X? Do not worry. Follow these three simple tips and improve your device’s battery life.

Google Nexus 5X is powered by a 2700 mAh battery, but still it fails to impress. With the smartphone usage only increasing with each passing day, batteries need to be stronger.  If you own a Nexus 5X, you already have an advantage over others with Android Marshmallow and its Doze feature. Here are some more tips to improve your device’s battery life.

Have a dim screen

Whenever possible, do not have brightness set to 100%. Lower it down. Google Nexus 5X has done a good job with brightness. But unfortunately, this wonderful feature works against the device. It eats up the battery. If you want to reduce the screen’s brightness below the normal level, there are apps available on Play Store. Lux is one such app. This app has a free as well as paid version.

Keep an eye on your apps

Unwanted apps work in the background and drain your battery. Not just Google Nexus 5X owners. Every smartphone user should keep an eye on apps. If there are any apps that you do not use anymore, delete them. Most of the apps also use internet and keep tracking your location with the help of GPS. Along with battery, you also lose data in such cases. So whenever possible, turn off your internet. Also, do not enable GPS unnecessarily.

Switch on battery saver

Other than the Doze feature, Google Nexus 5X has another built-in setting that will help you improve your device’s battery life. To switch it on, go to Settings and then Battery. You will see a menu with three dots. Click on it. Switch the feature on. You will now see an orange band at the bottom as well as top of your screen. Notice the difference.

There are smartphones with better batteries out there. This does not mean that Google Nexus 5X isn’t worth it. All you need to do for a long-lasting battery is to keep these simple tricks and tips in mind. Even thought this battery isn’t as good as most of the phones out there, it charges quickly. Keeping a charger handy will also work most of the times.

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