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Google Nexus 2016 To Be A Smartphone Dream: HTC & Huawei Locked In Competition

Google Nexus 2016 To Be A Smartphone Dream: HTC & Huawei Locked In Competition
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Google Nexus 2016 To Be A Smartphone Dream: HTC & Huawei Locked In Competition

Google is expecting another edition of its Nexus line, commonly known as the Nexus 2016. As details about the device lineup continue to surface, there were reports claiming that HTC will be the partner. But some counter that the latter will not produce Nexus in favor of the HTC 10. Which is which?

HTC Nexus 2016?

Google released two Nexus smartphones previously, and many reports believe that the company would do the same this year. According to reports, Google may partner with HTC to develop the Nexus line.

Know Your Mobile reported that HTC-made Nexus handsets are in the testing phase while running on Android N. Furthermore, there are also talks that the phones feature full implementation of the previously rumored pressure-sensitive touch display.

Some claim that Google included supposed for pressure-sensitive touch directly into Android N’s code. OEMs requested that such feature be included since Apple announced an equivalent feature in the iPhone 6s series. A number of Chinese tech companies like Oppo and Xiaomi announced their plans to release pressure-sensitive touch display handsets in 2016.

However, it is important to note that while HTC may be able to incorporate the technology, there are still doubts about this. The question is how advanced Google could be on its development with the Android software. There are also expectations that such technology should have been revealed to partners previously 6-12 months in advance, thus the Nexus device will not be exclusive on their own.

Huawei Nexus 2016?

Nonetheless, even with these rumors swirling around, a new report from Yibada argues that HTC may not be the Google’s partner in crime this time. According to the report, there are rumors about Huawei taking HTC’s place. The latter backed out because it wants to protect and boost its HTC 10 flagship instead.

According to the report, HTC will likely pass up the coveted place because its HTC 10 sales trajectory are going up. This is an ideal scenario for a device maker that is struggling. Previously, there were claims that Google went to HTC to develop two Pure Android handsets: one premium and one mid-range. As with other rumors and tips, all information must be taken with a grain of salt. Google has yet to provide the official details.

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