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Google News Implements ‘Local Source’ Tag To Highlight Local News Sources

Google News Implements ‘Local Source’ Tag To Highlight Local News Sources
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Google News Implements ‘Local Source’ Tag To Highlight Local News Sources

Google has decided to emphasize the importance of local news reporters or outlets by giving them predominance over other big news channels when it comes to local breaking news. The “Local Source” tag introduced into Google News will bring to the surface articles and reports written by local reporters for regional news with national significance.

When local news breaks, the reporters first on the scene are from local news outlets. They are the ones who bear most of the grunt work, investigating and recording crucial facts, evidence, and testimonies before anyone else. However, once a news story goes viral and gathers national interest, prominent news channels pounce on it like vultures, prying out every bit of information from local news sources, often forgetting to properly credit the latter.

Moreover, to deliver what the people want to read, most search engines make sure that the well-known news outlets are the ones highlighted at the top of search results, burying the smaller local news outlets, which had originally fished out the news in the first place, into oblivion.

With the implementation of the Local Source tag in Google News, the search engine giant attempts to rectify this injustice, reports The Verge. Among the roughly 75,000 news sources Google News deals with, it will now feature a Local Source tag that will help reporters play an important role in bringing to light news that has gained national importance. This way, people will get to pay due respect to outlets that work hard to keep them informed of what is happening in their area at all times.

According to Engadget, James Morehead, the product manager of Google News, has stated that Google plans to automatically tag and identify local news based on “where a publisher has written about in the past and comparing that to the story location.”

He further added, “When a local story is picked up by national publishers, it can be difficult for local sources to be heard even after they’ve done the legwork and research to break a story.”

The Local Source tag can now be seen on Google News on the web, iOS and Android apps.

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