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Google News And Weather App Comes To Apple Watch

Google News And Weather App Comes To Apple Watch
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Google News And Weather App Comes To Apple Watch

Google has added its first app for the flagship product of Apple, the Apple Watch. The News and Weather app is now available for the Apple Watch, though it has to be connected to the iPhone just like all other apps.

You may have to wait a bit for other Google apps on the Apple Watch like Gmail, Hangouts, Google+ and more. But as they are already available in other iOS devices, they may come soon.

For the time being, Google News is a significant addition, showing despite Google having its own wearable range, it has not shied away from the Apple watch.

The News & Weather app will provide a glimpse of the weather and news on your wrist. You are just going to see the headlines on your watch, not the full story. It is possible to view the accompanying photo by turning the digital crown.

The app does not respond when you tap on a specific story. Absolutely nothing happens, but if you force-touch the story, you will have an option to add it to the Safari List.

It may be a bit annoying that sliding from one screen to another will take time. This does not only apply for this specific app, but for every other apps available on the Apple Watch. The data is generally delivered through Bluetooth, thus it takes time to load.

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