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Google & Molson Serve Beer In 40 Languages

Google & Molson Serve Beer In 40 Languages
Picture from Molson Canadian/Molson Coors Website


Google & Molson Serve Beer In 40 Languages

In celebration of Canada’s birthday on July 1, Google and Molson has teamed up to give people a unique beer experience, reports Engadget. After all, people can get some Canadian beer from a smart fridge that can understand you in 40 different languages.

To honor Canada’s multidiversity and celebrate cultural awareness, Molson Canadian had decided that their red beer fridge has to be opened by saying Molson Canadian’s long-time slogan, “I am Canadian.” Sounds simple enough? Not exactly. As professional Googler Adam Green explains in a video posted on YouTube, “You have to find six people who speak six different languages to say ‘I am Canadian’ in each of those languages. The fridge that automatically detects whether that’s happened, it will open, giving beer to everybody.”

Indeed, the mechanics are quite simple, but it will require a certain amount of team work, as people have found in this video posted by Molson Canadian on YouTube.

According to a report by mobilesyrup, Google worked with digital production studio ThinkingBox along with special effects specialist Performance Solutions to bring Molson’s vision to life. The process of creating a fridge that would understand and detect a certain language actually took months. It posted quite a challenge to everyone involved. As Google’s Adam Green admitted, “When I first heard the idea I thought, that’s unbelievably cool. I have no idea how we’re going to make this happen, but I have some of the pieces that could make it work.”

At the end of the day, all the hard work paid off. Mobilesyrup reports that the Molson Canadian fridge will be present throughout the festivities during the upcoming Pan Am Games. The games is scheduled to run from July 10 to July 26.

Meanwhile, Adam Green and everyone involved in the process could not be more prouder of what they have accomplished, especially when they look at the bigger picture. He said, “I think Molson Canadian and Google definitely share the goal of bringing people together. What was very interesting about this was how adamant Molson was that this actually be real, that it not be a stunt, that they not fake their way to the answer. And it was a lot of work to make it happen but ultimately, I think it was very worth it.”

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