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Google Maps Rolls Out New ‘Explore’ Feature

Google Maps Rolls Out New ‘Explore’ Feature


Google Maps Rolls Out New ‘Explore’ Feature

Google Maps Rolls Out New ‘Explore’ FeatureAre you using an iPhone? Or are you into an Android device? Whether you are on iOS or Android, you can now find your Google Maps app more useful and engaging. That is because Google has added a new button called ‘Explore’ to the app.

In a statement, Google Maps said its new Explore feature is brought through a new button located at the bottom right corner of the screen. It features places as well as activities that easily adapt to every area and occasion throughout any typical day.

In a blog post, the app said the new feature would make it more useful and engaging to users. It actually assured that its users can now spend less time in searching for answers so they can spend more time in exploration of the world through the iOS and Android app.

New feature

The new Explore feature would enable vacationers and travelers to plan any day of outing. They can also use the app to learn more and to plan about their dream travel or vacation in a particular unfamiliar destination.

However, to be useful, Google Maps users should first sign in with the so-called location reporting, the history recording feature should also be turned on first.

For Android device users, they can tap ‘My Location’ button that is located at the bottom right of the screen within the blue dot in the map. That will facilitate instant and easy access to more information about the location. It would bring users to content like restaurant reviews as well as transit schedules.

Stirring competition

According to some experts, this new feature can be compared to similar features of other apps like Yelp and Foursquare. Both apps enable users to also explore nearby or surrounding locations. Those also facilitate checking in virtually and reading existing reviews.

However, one area of particular interest is the upcoming major update of Foursquare. To most observers, it would be interesting to see and realize how the new features of such apps can possibly stack up to stir competition. They assured that in the end, it would be the end-users who would stand to benefit the most out of this intensifying competition within the locations-based apps. 

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