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Google Maps for iOS Update Gives Traffic Warnings and Rerouting Info

Google Maps for iOS Update Gives Traffic Warnings and Rerouting Info


Google Maps for iOS Update Gives Traffic Warnings and Rerouting Info

No one wants to get stuck in heavy traffic. That is why Google Inc has recently updated its Google Maps for iOS so the app could include newer features that will help drivers avoid nerve-wracking traffic situations ahead of their way. The update literally wants to help users to outsmart possible gridlock.

The app update was rolled out just this week. It was designed to bring traffic information to the users right when it is needed. This way, a driver can avoid much dreaded bumper-to-bumper traffic situations.

Moreover, when a user enables the Navigation mode on the Google Maps app, the program would give alerts about faster routes. It would recommend better routes or ways so you can get to your destination faster than when you stick to the usual route.

Traffic warnings

Specifically, the updated version of the app can tell a user if, for instance, there’s heavy traffic ahead. It could help users save several minutes in their travel time if they take a different way as recommended by the app. Users of Google Maps for iOS can now enjoy additional option to reroute.

However, this new and added feature is available only within areas where such navigation services are supported. This latest update brings Google Maps for iOS to faster speed, matching its Android counterpart. It could be recalled that the same feature was brought to Google Maps for Android devices in January. It is not clear though if the same update will be introduced to Google Maps in other operating systems.

The Waze advantage 

This latest helpful feature of the app comes after Google added real-time traffic incident reports in August last year. The traffic information could be sourced from its acquired traffic app Waze. Thus, it works in a way that as Waze users report road accidents, road closures, road constructions, and other unlikely road incidents, the important information would be processed instantly so it could be integrated into the Google Maps now for both iOS and Android versions.

This feature could further justify Google’s previous decision to purchase Waze in June. The giant technology firm spent $1.3 billion to fund the transaction. Since that deal was closed, the product development team of Waze has been separately operating from its home base, which is in Israel. Google Maps is available in Apple Inc’s App Store and Google Inc’s Google Play store.

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