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Google Map Maker Suspends Edits Starting May 12

Google Map Maker Suspends Edits Starting May 12
Google Maps Marker in Tokyo Masato OHTA / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Google Map Maker Suspends Edits Starting May 12

Google has announced that its map modification service for users will be temporarily discontinued from May 12 due to severe spam attacks over the last few months. The last attack that Google Map Maker faced was a gigantic prank that made the providers go on manual editing mode. The news was confirmed by the Google product forum.

The service of Google that allows auto approval of map edits was discontinued following the spam attack. This means every edit users make will be manually checked and approved before they can take effect on the actual map.

In such scenario, there will be a huge backlog for the moderators, and it will take several days in order to clear the backlog.

To make it fair for both the users and the provider, Google Maps has temporarily disabled any edits using the service starting from May 12. This means you will not be able to edit locations on the map till the time the moderators come back on track. However, Google assures that the situation will be temporary and will be revoked once everything is all right.

The company admits that the decision was difficult and may disappoint users. However, it will be possible for the company to get back on track. Millions of people around the world use Google Maps on regular basis, and people do edit places that are not properly mapped.

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