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Google Launching 10 Gigabyte Internet

Google Launching 10 Gigabyte Internet


Google Launching 10 Gigabyte Internet

Are you looking for amazingly fast sped internet? Well, that time is not far now as Google is reported to be developing the technology that will support 10 Gigabits data rate of the internet for users. This data rate is much larger than the current Google Fiber service that is 1 Gigabit per second. Chief Financial Officer at Google, Patrick Pichette shared his views that the revolution in internet is the future of the Google’s obsession with the speed.

Although, Google internet is already providing the speeds of 1 Gigabits per second speed for its limited number of users, yet it is aiming for exploring higher skies. They are claiming to increase the speed 10 times faster in the next three years. The aim of Google is to enhance the use of its software as a service for providing fast internet. The world is exactly heading towards that very mark. He also predicted that it may happen over the decade to make the services available. However, Pichete is showing his ambitions to accomplish this project within three years.

The Google Fiber is limited for use in Kansas only so far. However, the service will soon be available to Austin, Texas. The services will cover more grounds in the future hopefully.

Hypothetically, the Google internet will be available only in the areas in which Google fiber is present. Other regions will be deprived of this wonderful service. However, it is expected that as the high speed internet is launched, it will be expanded in many areas of the world. The testing ground will be Texas most probably for this technology.

Pichete also stated that faster internet will provide many reliable services of Google as a software as well as internet service provider. The internet will be quite useful for running critical applications. You cannot quote any example of internet that has gone so far as Google is aiming now. It will be a great revolution in the world of internet. They need to improve the infrastructure of Google fibers for making them compatible with internet speeds.

Some people in US might argue that the claims of Google don’t hold much water since Google finer has only a few footprints in USA. It is highly unlikely that Comcast executives consider Google fiber as the major threat since the expansion of Google has been quite slow up to this point of time.

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