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Google Launches Revamped Version of Hangouts for iOS

Google Launches Revamped Version of Hangouts for iOS


Google Launches Revamped Version of Hangouts for iOS

Google has finally rolled out the new and revamped version of Google+ Hangouts for iOS app. It has full of amazing new features, optimizations for new devices, increased speed and much more. Google was flexing its muscles since long to launch a new and improved version of Google Hangouts for iOS as more and more users were claiming that there are many glitches and problems in the user interface, feature rendering speed and chat quality.

Google is all beefed up to increase the user span of its Hangout services in order to cope up with the already famous video chat service, Skype.

So what does the newer version has to offer? You can now attach the map of the current location to your conversation in the Google Hangouts. There are more than three dozen stickers that you can use in your chats. But, the stickers are not up to the mark and don’t look interesting and funny at all. Many of the features released in the new version of Hangouts for iOS were already present in the Android version. Android users, being the primary users of the Mountain View tech service have been mostly updated off and on with the best features of Hangouts.

The best feature of the new Google Hangouts update is the optimization for iPad. You will now be able to enjoy the picture-in-picture video calling on Apple’s tablets after this amazing update. Google Hangouts is possibly the most importunate and famous service in the Google’s portfolio which is getting a boost around the globe since long.

The latest update is the biggest and the most important update to Google Hangouts after the Oct. 2013 update which meshed Google Voice Calling facility in the Hangouts.

The latest version of Hangouts for iOS, which is dubbed as version 2.0 has a completely redesigned feature set for the iOS 7. iOS 7 is on the way for many devices and many fourth generation Apple devices have already been update to iOS 7. This timely upgrade of Google Hangouts will act as a boastful factor for the user span for the Mountain View.

Google Hangouts latest iteration for iOS is available for free at the App Store and can be downloaded. iOS users are really happy to have this update but expressed that there could have been a lot more done by Google in this update.

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