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Google Launches Project Fi, Its Own Wireless Service

Google Launches Project Fi, Its Own Wireless Service
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Google Launches Project Fi, Its Own Wireless Service

Finally, Google has introduced its mobile carrier service named Project Fi that would provide seamless connectivity to users and allow them to shift from Wi-Fi to network. The project marks the beginning of Google’s venture into mobile network, which will currently be available only to Nexus 6.

Nexus 6 is made by Google in collaboration with Motorola. It is currently the only device capable of adapting the setting required for the transition. Project Fi is launched with Sprint and T-Mobile, two top mobile carriers, as confirmed by Google.

What Does Project Fi Imply?

Project Fi lets you use your data with the best speed possible. For example, you are in a location where Wi-Fi, Sprint and T-mobile 4G LTE are available. The system will connect to the fastest network, and when another network becomes stronger, it will switch to such without any disruption.

The new system means you can make calls and texts or use your data from any of the three available options. If you are making calls via Wi-Fi in a café and then move away without disconnecting, the call will be seamlessly transferred to the mobile network available in the location. Check here to see the locations and countries where the service is available.

The Google wireless network project will possibly curb the amount users pay for Internet. The basic payment you will have to make is $20 For SMS, calls, Wi-Fi tethering and Internet coverage in more than 120 countries.

Next, it will be a flat $10 per GB rate. So if you are paying $20, you will get 2 GB of data. In case you use 1.5 GB, the company will pay back $5. That means users are not required to pay for unused data. Google has tried its best to improve the experience of users, and their data plan rates explains it all.

The new Project Fi will provide device portability. This means if you lose access to your phone, you can use another device with your mobile number to call or text. Through this technology, your phone number lives in a cloud, and thus it is possible to use it through mobile, laptop or tablet. The total experience is promised to be amazing.


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