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Google Launches Polymer 1.0, Extensive Kit For Developers

Google Launches Polymer 1.0, Extensive Kit For Developers
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Google Launches Polymer 1.0, Extensive Kit For Developers

Google has announced Polymer 1.0 during the I/O 2015. Polymer is a web tool kit from Google that will help developers provide app-like experiences on browsers both for mobile and web users.

According to the Google Developers Blog, “Polymer is a new way of thinking about building web applications – a sugaring layer on top of Web Components, making it easy for you to create interoperable custom elements.”

Polymer 1.0 is created to help developers craft web and mobile apps using interoperable custom elements. This is coupled with open-sourced project support and is made of reusable components. The projects will be faster and more comprehensive.

The new components released in Polymer 1.0 will allow developers drop in elements such as toolbar and menus. It will also be possible to build a mobile-first checkout flow and use services such as Google Maps and charts in the app.

The Google Developers blog also mentioned that the new Polymer 1.0 will have a completely new library and details of the same can be found at . The binding system will be much easier to use, element theming and styling will be possible with custom CSS properties, fast and lightweight shadow DOM will allow display on non-supporting browsers and a smart behavior mechanism will allow behavior-sharing between elements.

The tech giant has also released Polymer Element Catalog for developers, which is incorporated with brand new elements. People have already started using it and they found it to be really amazing.

The Google Polymer starter kit can be used for development to deployment. Web component development will be much easier that way.

Polymer 1.0 is an initiative from Google to bring the web and apps closer and to provide a better chance for developers to use features that are already present.

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