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Google Launches Chromebox, a $999 Platform made by ASUS

Google Launches Chromebox, a $999 Platform made by ASUS


Google Launches Chromebox, a $999 Platform made by ASUS

News has reached that Google has launched the new Chromebox which is expected to hit markets on Feb 6, 2014. The new product is aimed at helping businesses better set up, and efficiently managing meetings. With Chromebox for meetings, employees can easily host meetings with the help of Google’s new technologies and without the hassle of logistics and lead time. The ASUS version is available in the US for 999 $ per set up.

Google announced in Mountain View, CA, the reason behind the development of the platform by outlining the difficulties being faced by the meeting organizers on accomplishing their objective. You need to find the reasonable room, assemble all the participants of the meeting and deal with the technology and handouts to see it out. Google Chromebox streamlines the process by a simple plug and play system that is very user friendly to operate.The technical specifications of the platform are also very good. Regarding connectivity, it has a Core i7 processor, an HDMI and display port++, 4 USB ports 3.0 version, an Ethernet port and a built in Wi-Fi 802.11. The interface that the Chromebox offers is very unique and pleasing to the eye. With it, there is a HD camera, a combined microphone, speaker unit and a remote control that is used to navigate through the meetings. Companies can also manage all their meetings through the web much faster now.

The Chromebox being a Google product, indeed offers uniqueness as there are a collection of images that are updated 24 hours a day. There is also a scheduling calendar available which uses Google Calendar to help set up meetings in the company and also finding out whether a room is occupied or not.

The audio quality of the Chromebox is also very good with no lag being experienced in the conversation. The conversation can be joined by anyone who wishes to join it and is subsequently integrated. However they need to have Google hangout apps installed on their systems. The device also performs reasonably well with other connecters like Vidyo and Uberconference.

Desktop screens can also be shared by any member. The simplicity of the whole process is very engaging as there are no PINs, URLs to remember and things like that.

Only the ASUS version is available today however, Google announced that DELL and HP would also be producing this in the future. It will also be announced world-wide in the coming days.

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