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Google To Launch First Wireless Plan With Free Roaming

Google To Launch First Wireless Plan With Free Roaming
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Google To Launch First Wireless Plan With Free Roaming

Google is currently in talks with Three, UK-based telecom service, to allow U.S. citizens to use their smart devices abroad without paying extra charges for roaming.

As reported by The Telegraph, the upcoming service will cover direct voice calls and text messages as well as data transfer without adding extra charges to bills of users despite their locations.

It is not more than a month when Senior Vice President of Google Sundar Pichai confirmed plans of a small-scale experiment to offer Google Wireless services, and latest reports confirm his declarations.

This can be considered as the first step of Google into the wireless carrier arena as it will enable the brand to sell wireless plans directly to customers.

Google might not have plans to conquer the market right now, though, but it is reportedly trying to demonstrate the limits of wireless services for the next generation.

The company is about to strike a partnership with Hutchinson Whamopoa, a Hong Kong-based operator that regulates Three in the United Kingdom and in many other countries as well. This will allow Google to offer free international roaming across all markets where Hutchinson operates.

Hutchinson has been noted as a “natural partner” for Google in this case, as the company has also taken steps to abolish roaming charges for customers.

The exact date of the launch has not yet been declared, and there have been no official comments from Three or Google about it. Such plans can indeed put an end to the era of roaming charges, freeing customers from the pain of SIM-swapping.

However, no reports from Google about offering similar services in the European market have come up yet.


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