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Google Is Adopting Apple’s Swift. Trying to be More like Apple?

Google Is Adopting Apple’s Swift. Trying to be More like Apple?
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Google Is Adopting Apple’s Swift. Trying to be More like Apple?

Apple, Google, Samsung, and Microsoft are companies who look at each other for inspiration. They forget all the competition and rivalry when they see another coming up with features, software or technology that may help their brand increase sales and reach out to the maximum target audience. According to the latest buzz, Google is adopting Apple’s Swift for Android.

What exactly is Apple’s Swift? Let’s hear it from the horse’s mouth. Apple says that swift is a “powerful open language that lets everyone build amazing apps.” With the help of this programming language, the iPhone maker builds apps for its own platforms like iOS, Apple Watch, Mac and Apple TV. But just like Android, Swift is also an open source language. Now, the question is, will Google be able to do it?

The Next Web says that “using Swift for Android is not impossible, though. Late last year, developer Romain Goyet toyed with Swift for Android — and had some success. While that project was completed well ahead of Swift being open source, it nonetheless proved that it can be done.” But then the site also does not deny that “Google would have to effectively recreate its efforts with Java — for Swift.” Adopting Apple’s Swift would be possible only if  the company is “motivated enough.”

Not just Google, sources believe that Facebook and Uber are other known names that are planning to adopt Apple’s Swift. But why are these companies eyeing this specific programming language? As Apple says, Swift lets developers “write safer, more reliable code, save time and create even richer app experiences.” So companies whose almost all of the business runs on the app or apps would always be keen on sing this programming language so that they can deliver only the best to their audiences.

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