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Google I/O Roundup: Android N Preview, Daydream, Android on Chrome and More

Google I/O Roundup: Android N Preview, Daydream, Android on Chrome and More
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Google I/O Roundup: Android N Preview, Daydream, Android on Chrome and More

Google’s I/O annual developer conference revealed the company’s dramatic plans about its products. It appears that Google is looking into pushing the boundaries further as it embarks on new offerings like the Android N, Daydream, Android on Chrome, Google Assistant and Google Home to name a few. Will Google be a new kind of superpower in tech?

Some of the takeaways from the Google event suggest that Google’s vision of the future is a strong and appealing one. The tech giant is looking into a series of software advancements including knocking down long-standing behavior for the innovative. For instance, Android N.

While the software does not have an official name yet, it is clear that Google wants its new mobile OS to be productive, efficient and secured. Google will handle these things through several features like split-screen multitasking, adding the Vulkan API for performance enhancement and adding file-level encryption and automatic security downloads for security, as reported by Information Week.

As for Daydream, as whimsical as it sounds, this is Google’s version of venturing into the virtual reality. In essence, the platform which is based on the Android N, will allow app developers, phone markets and VR headset makers to develop compelling content that can be accessible throughout the globe. Additionally, Google Now has been renamed Google Assistant now to take things to a different level. According to Google, the device will not only be able to address natural language requests but it can also now take part in existing dialogues through multipart questions and answers.

However, despite the promise of new products and software, Google may have to work on its deployment. A new report from AppleInsider, suggested that Android deployment rate fell down by as much as 20 percent. Lat year, Google’s Android deployment was already considered slow and reports now claim that it in fact rolled back by 20 percent. Google may be taking Android and Chrome to “stagnant beleaguerment,” according to the report.

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