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Google I/O: Google Home Could Be Better Than Alexa

Google I/O: Google Home Could Be Better Than Alexa
Google I/O Takuya Oikawa / Flickr cc


Google I/O: Google Home Could Be Better Than Alexa

In our previous post, we predicted Google’s plan to introduce a gadget to compete against Amazon. The tech giant announced its smart home gadget earlier today in Google I/O, stunning the audience with the new Google Home. But can it beat Alexa?

According to the company’s I/O announcement, the gadget will be releasing this year, but its price still hasn’t been announced. Its official website has created a sign-up form to notify people the latest updates. Before you start doubting the gadget’s capabilities, know that the man behind the smart home is Mario Queiroz, VP of product management.

Mario is known for his successful launch of Google’s Chromecast; Google Home is also designed with similar ideologies in mind. The first look revealed the product as a tiny stereo with built-in speakers. The gadget can be plugged into any home socket. It has microphones sensitive enough to listen to your commands across a room.

The demo video revealed that the gadget can control some of your home devices, answer your questions, and play music. Basically, it seems to have features better than Echo.

The product looks cylindrical, with LED lights to indicate it’s ready to do your tasks. It also has interchangeable base shells to match your furniture, because, hey, style is important.

What makes Google Home one step ahead is its built-in voice assistant. This program will allow us to ask any questions, and you are guaranteed to get an answer. According to The Verge, the product can also connect itself to Chromecast, allowing it to play YouTube videos and other functions based on your command. However, Google said that Home will not be able to support multiple accounts initially. But, they have confirmed it will be added in time.

Although we are fascinated by the company’s launch, its capabilities may not be as active and fulfilling as the demo showed us. Unless third-party developers integrate services to improve the gadget’s functionality, Google Home would be a national record-holding athlete with its legs tied up.

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