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Google Introduces Project Sunroof To Estimate Savings From Solar Power

Google Introduces Project Sunroof To Estimate Savings From Solar Power
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Google Introduces Project Sunroof To Estimate Savings From Solar Power

Renewable energy can help the world in lot of ways. As a consumer, you can save a lot if you invest in solar power and Google has found a way to let consumers know how much they can save with renewable energy.

Google has recently launched a tool called Project Sunroof meant for calculating the savings for homeowners. The tool in question was launched on Monday. It will tell homeowners if their roof is suitable for solar power or not.

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According to the website of Project Sunroof, the tool makes “roof analysis” based on the address you provide. The tool checks Google Maps for the address and considers other perspectives to make the analysis. Google trusts its database for other information.

The tool runs completely on 3D modelling of the roof. It considers all possible sun positions throughout the year and takes into account the position of trees and other buildings in the area. Historical temperature and clouds are taken into consideration to assume how much sunlight your roof will receive.

The roof analysis by Project Sunroof recommends the installation size that would create 100% of your electricity needs. The tool gives a complete breakdown of how your electricity bills change, cost for the lease, loan and finance required for the installation.

The new system will take into account tax rebates and other benefits that your area is subject to while installing a solar panel. The saving for the next 20 years will be calculated by the system to make you understand its return.

To make it easier for consumers to take action, Project Sunroof will connect them to the solar provider of the area. This is solely based on the interest of the user.

The cost of solar energy has decreased in the recent past, allowing more and more households to use solar power. With Google’s Project Sunroof, they can actually calculate the return of investment.

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