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Google Introduces 70 Apps in Google Now Cards

Google Introduces 70 Apps in Google Now Cards
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Google Introduces 70 Apps in Google Now Cards

Google has introduced 70 new third-party apps for Google Now, its predictive search service. Google Now cards will be present in addition to 40 apps that are already there from January, making the total 110.

From recipes to Adidas fitness apps, from Spotify to Paytym, the cards cover everything you need for your day-to-day activities. Zipcar will show you the end time of a reservation so you can avoid penalty, while ABC News and Circa will show you breaking news.

In order to have the cards from the 70 new third-party partners, it is required that you have the latest version of Google Now. The search result will be based on previous search trends so you can get what you want without asking.

After the third-party integration of Hello with Facebook to create an app that works as caller ID, this integration from Google is fantastic. It seems social media sites have taken the competition quite seriously, and they are doing whole lot of new things to gain more attention.

The apps are now available with immediate effect.

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