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Google Inc Rolls Out Interesting Changes to Its Search Features

Google Inc Rolls Out Interesting Changes to Its Search Features


Google Inc Rolls Out Interesting Changes to Its Search Features

Google Inc Rolls Out Interesting ChangesMinor but interesting changes are about to be observed in the most widely used search engine across the world. Google Inc yesterday unveiled its new navigation bar. It intends to roll it out across its properties over the coming several weeks.

The new navigation bar was designed to facilitate seamless searches around Google. A company spokesperson revealed that it was made to prevent any distraction while a user is inside an app. The new Google bar would logically streamline the search engine experience across various products as well as devices.

New app launcher

Aside from the new Google navigation bar, the company has also started rolling out its new app launcher. It would be available whenever a user gets into the Google search engine page. It was obviously designed to make things much simpler for users using the search feature.

Through the new Google app launcher, a user could instantly access all other Google apps. Those include the widely used Gmail, YouTube, News, Maps, Search, Drive, and others. Users would easily notice the new app launcher because it would be placed strategically at the top right corner of the Web page.

The app launcher would provide a drop down menu of available apps after the ‘apps grid’ is clicked once. From there, other Google apps could immediately be launched. This feature would also be rolled out on Chromebooks and Android devices.

Slightly tweaked logo

Meanwhile, not many people may notice that Google has also tweaked its popular logo. However, the changes are minor and may not be distinguished by some users. The little change in its branding could still be considered as part Google search’s update.

The newly designed logo would not look different from the traditional colorful brand design. However, those with sharp eyes could pinpoint that Google has refined its color palette along with the letter shapes.

The minor change in the emblem comes a week after rival Yahoo Inc updated its own logo to highlight the changes happening in the company. The new Yahoo brand appears more streamlined and simpler, although it keeps its iconic purple color as well as of course, its distinct exclamation point.

Google has also recently released an updated version of its Google Chrome browser for the just released iOS 7. The new Chrome for iOS features a new design that would facilitate easier and faster switching between the browser and many other Google apps on the smartphone.

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