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Google Inc Marks Chrome’s 5th Anniversary with New Apps

Google Inc Marks Chrome’s 5th Anniversary with New Apps


Google Inc Marks Chrome’s 5th Anniversary with New Apps

Google Inc Marks Chrome’s 5th AnniversaryThe 5th anniversary of Google Inc’s Chrome project is marked with the launch of new Chrome apps that may possibly integrate the Web and the desktop. Those new apps would merge the Internet’s speed, flexibility, and security with the power and functionality of software that are installed on various devices.

The new Chrome apps are set to be more powerful compared to the preceding apps. Those could help users do work more effectively, create interesting content online, and play different games in the entire screen. The apps could also facilitate working offline, getting desktop notifications, and connecting to the cloud through Web services like Google Drive.

The upcoming apps could also interact with digital cameras (through Bluetooth and USB) and other hardware. Those apps would automatically update to facilitate obtaining latest features as well as security patches. Thus, users could now work anytime, anywhere as Chrome could sync the apps to just about any desktop device upon signing into an account.

New feature, new apps

There would be a Chrome App Launcher to be launched specifically for Windows to enable users to use apps directly from their desktops. This would be an added feature for Chrome. Logically, that launcher would have its own icon or command in the taskbar. Thus, the apps could be launched into separate windows outside Chrome just like any desktop apps.

So what new apps could be expected from the new Chrome lineup? Here are some. Pixlr Touch Up facilitates quick touching up, cropping, resizing, and adjusting of pictures from the PC or Google Drive. Wunderlist could be a to-do-list with desktop notifications and voice dictation. Cracking Sands is a virtual race game that enables players to speed up the way to beat PC or online opponents, supporting Xbox controllers through USB connection.

Best in Chrome browser

As expected, the new Chrome apps would only work best in Chrome browser. That is because those would come with Chrome-specific codes. Google announced that the new Chrome apps would be initially available to users of Chromebook and Windows platforms. However, it would soon launch versions for users of Linux and Mac PCs.

Ultimately, Google wants to use the new Chrome apps as a proof that its Chrome OS and Chromebook devices are somehow ahead of their time in providing permanently connected devices. It is an added bonus that the company decided to add offline functionality to some of those new apps.

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