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Google Inc Launches Its Own Prepaid Debit Card

Google Inc Launches Its Own Prepaid Debit Card


Google Inc Launches Its Own Prepaid Debit Card

Google Inc Launches Its Own Prepaid Debit CardIt is high time for Google Inc to have its own prepaid debit card. The online search giant has just launched its well anticipated Google Wallet Card. It is the first physical payment product from the company. Initially, the card would be supported by MasterCard.

As a prepaid debit card, Google Wallet Card would allow access to users’ Wallet Balance through specified ATMs, banks, and other merchants where MasterCard is currently accepted as a payment form. It would initially be available in the US.

Users of Google Wallet Card would have to first pass an identity verification process. It would be instantly prompted on the mobile app or on the desktop Website so that the product could be ordered. New customers would have to wait about 10 days to 12 days for the entire processing of their card application. Upon delivery of the debit card, it has to be activated online before it could be used for swiping.

Use as a debit card

Google Wallet Card offers most of the usual conveniences of a typical credit card, only that it is actually a prepaid card. This means that users could only spend the amount that the account actually contains. Thus, it could be an ideal payment product for consumers who intend to control their purchasing activities.

The spending limit is currently set at $5,000 for every 24 hours. This amount does not include cash withdrawals facilitated at banks or ATMs. It is not yet clear if Google would eventually increase this cap. But there is no specification as to how much a user could actually deposit to the Wallet balance.

Another plastic card

To use the prepaid debit card, simply present it to the cashier just like you usually do for your regular debit or credit card. At the point of sale, simply select ‘debit’ before you enter your security Wallet PIN. There is also an option to use the ZIP code corresponding to your current home address.

Google Wallet Card would be another competitor to the convenient ‘Coin’ card, which is an all-in-one payment product. ‘Coin’ is actually a slim device that resembles and functions like a typical card stored in one’s wallet. It is designed to condense the pile of plastic cards into a single and convenient device, which could easily be carried and used as a payment mode anywhere, anytime.

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