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Google Inc Enters Healthcare Industry through its Calico

Google Inc Enters Healthcare Industry through its Calico


Google Inc Enters Healthcare Industry through its Calico

Google Inc Enters Healthcare Industry through its CalicoGoogle Inc has recently unveiled its new business called Calico. To many people, it could be surprising to know that the Internet firm is expanding into an area that is beyond its usual realm. The new venture would offer services for well-being and health. It would particularly concentrate on aging and related diseases.

Calico, as mentioned, would not seem to be in line with the company’s usual business domain. Some observers think it could be a form of Google’s contribution to humanity. The main goal is obviously to help people possibly live their lives longer.

In an interview with Time Magazine, Google chief executive Larry Page disclosed that Calico would adopt an unconventional approach. That would be another factor that would set it apart from the rest of Google.

Linking Google and Apple

It is also interesting to note that Calico would be headed by Arthur D. Levinson, who would be its founding investor and CEO. Levinson is currently the chairman of both Genentech and Apple Inc. He would keep those posts while he heads Google’s new healthcare endeavor.

More interestingly, Apple CEO Tim Cook has given his approval for Levinson to work for this Google project. In a statement, Cook said he believes no other leader would effectively lead that mission to improve and change the quality of human life. He added that he is excited to await the results of the project. Thus, Levinson would be an interesting factor that would provide a link between rivals Google and Apple.

Making a difference

This announcement was made as Page battles a medical condition known as vocal cord paralysis. That illness prompted him to set plans to provide funds to a research program that would focus on ways to improve functions of the vocal cord nerves. The project would be coursed through the Voice Health Institute.

Calico is not the first foray of Google into healthcare. Several years ago, the company founded Google Health, which enabled it to try rendering services for e-health. However, it decided to discontinue that business last year.

It would also be the latest in the company’s series of projects that are aimed at using technology to improve, save, and change lives. Those projects could be referred to as ‘moonshots’ as those are not usually in line with online search and ad business. But those are definitely in line with Google’s philosophy to make a difference.

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