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Google Glass Reportedly Obtains KitKat System Update

Google Glass Reportedly Obtains KitKat System Update


Google Glass Reportedly Obtains KitKat System Update

Those who are privileged to be among the first users of the revolutionary Google Glass are up for one good news. According to Glass Almanac, the device would soon get an operating system upgrade to Android 4.4, or better known as KitKat.

Thus the futuristic PC headset would see its biggest software update since its arrival in very limited quantities for beta-testing in February. Google Glass devices are currently in Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich.

A Glass Guide revealed the news last week within a forum for private Google Glass Explorers. Teresa Zazenski said Google would continue rolling out regular updates. However, she added that the company may lower the frequency of those upgrades because doing such endeavors usually takes more time.

Coming at the right time 

The move from Ice Cream Sandwich to KitKat is seen as a logical one. According to the experts, it would make the Google Glass experience much smoother and better. It s expected to make it easier for early users to enjoy the device more. It would also pave the way for more useful updates, which should actually excite users.

However, as of press time, there is no timetable yet about the upgrade. But sources simply said that it would definitely come. Zazenski said such information is something that would not be disclosed until it is the right time to do so.

Rising excitement

There are various speculations arising in the forum for Glass Explorers. In a private thread, some early users seem adamant about Google’s announced plans to bring about those monthly software updates. Some skeptics think that because the major updates would require more time to complete, those may not possibly come as often as users hope for. In fact, some of them think such updates could not possibly come in a monthly basis.

A version of Google Glass for more general release is expected to arrive in 2014. But again, Google has refused to make any comment about such a speculation. But it should be noted that earlier this year, it announced plans to begin selling Google Glass prescription versions through the giant technology company’s new Titanium Collection.

Google Glass is expected to shake the PC and tablet industry when it is launched. That is because it is revolutionary enough to bring the PC into a wearable device that may resemble a typical eye glass. 

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