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Google Glass Data Wiped Clean, Works On New Device

Google Glass Data Wiped Clean, Works On New Device
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Google Glass Data Wiped Clean, Works On New Device

Google is reportedly working on a new device after the tech giant has erased all their data regarding their now halted Google Glass product. CNET has reported that the tech giant has erased all the social media channels dedicated to their smart specs. The $1,500 USD worth product, which stopped selling last January 2015, left its users or wearers with only a support page that has a phone number and email address and a message that says “Thanks for exploring with us. The Journey doesn’t end here,” fueling rumors that the tech giant is up to something.

Glass consumers widely populate the Glass Explorers group on Google+ where videos of the tech giant’s execs jumping on trampolines while wearing the Google Glass can be seen. It is also where videos of models wearing the smart specs at the New York Fashion Week are posted. Though the page is still there, it’s noticeable that all the contents have been wiped clean while its presence in social medias Facebook and Twitter has been deleted completely.

The glass product might have stopped selling and has even had a social media wipe out, but that doesn’t mean that the California based company is stopping their Google smart glasses ambition. Although it seems like the tech giant has given up on the Glass name, it looks like they are still pursuing the concept behind the smart glasses.

Last December, the public has been treated with leaked images of a new prototype that the search engine company appears to be working on as a replacement for Glass. The model of the new product looks like it is still closely designed with the original Google Glass in mind. The new product will look like a set of eyeglass frames with a screen floating above the user’s eye.

CNET reported that the new product from the tech giant is currently nicknamed as Project Aura. Currently, Tony Fadell who is a former Apple Allum, founder and former CEO of the Nest, was hired by Google for his experience and qualifications, and is now in charge of this new product. Google, so far, has not given any comment regarding the media blackout and the rumored new product.

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