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Google Fiber To Land In Alabama Soon

Google Fiber To Land In Alabama Soon
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Google Fiber To Land In Alabama Soon

It seems like this week is the tech giant Google’s week. Aside from joining hands with the GSM Association for expanding RCS client SMS, the search engine company is said to be expanding its other products and services too.

One of the said services is Google Fiber, its super fast internet service. It is now rolling out on six US cities including Huntsville, Alabama. Like every city that the tech giant brings its Fiber into, Huntsville won’t be any exemption.

For the city, Google will be piggybacking on the fiber network that Huntsville Utilities is building there, reports Tech Crunch. Until now, Google has been building its Fiber’s gigabit networks the hard way; meaning either from scratch or by making deals to use some existing lines, according to Engadget.

With the exemption of Fiber in Provo, where the search engine is using a fiber network acquired from the city and Atlanta where the Chrome company has typically built its network from scratch, the approach to the upcoming Fiber seems to be something much more different.

Basically, Huntsville will be leasing a space on its network to Google so that it can offer its Fiber services. However the deal is not exclusive so it means that other internet providers can also offer their services using the same fiber reports Ars Technica.

The city of about 190,000 is said to have planned the fiber build for more than a year now. Also, the announcement according to WHNT, ends years of searching for an internet provider to help the city accomplish Mayor Tommy Battle’s goal of ensuring that all its citizens have access to gigabit internet.

The local news station has also reported that the city’s officials “see it as a low-risk investment” compared to administering the gigabit internet themselves, which only leads to requiring increase in personnel in an area where they have limited expertise.  Fiber will be available to Huntsville consumers by the mid-2017 but it could take a few more years to extend the internet service all over the city.

According to Biz Journals, Google Fiber is only available in Atlanta, Provo, Utah, and Austin, Texas. Other cities that are scheduled to have the service in their cities include Nashville, Tennessee; Charlotte N.C.; Raleigh-Durham, N.C.; San Antonio, Texas and Salt Lake City, Utah.

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