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Google Fiber: Free 5Mbps Plan no Longer Available In Kansas City; Here’s Why

Google Fiber: Free 5Mbps Plan no Longer Available In Kansas City; Here’s Why
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Google Fiber: Free 5Mbps Plan no Longer Available In Kansas City; Here’s Why

Here comes bad news for Google Fiber users in the Kansas City. The 5Mbps free internet plan is no longer available for the residents of the city. After ditching the free plan, the city now has only two options: 1 Gbps for $70 or 100 Mbps for $50. Read on to know what might be the possible reason behind Google’s ditching the 5Mbps plan:

When Ars Technica posted “Google Fiber ends free 5Mbps Internet offer in Kansas City” on Reddit, one of the Redditors seems to have a logical reason behind why Google might have removed the plan. The Reddit user with poster name, retaliation wrote, “Let’s be honest here, it was a plan for the customers to subsidize the building of the fiber infrastructure. They paid 300$ for the installation of the lines and got free 5mb/s for “up to 7yrs” in return. The infrastructure is now built, so the plan went away.” The same user also said that the company is still “honoring the 5mb/s free offer for the 7yrs promised to anyone who had already signed up.” Moving on, let us see what to expect from a $50 and $70 per month plans:

Google Fiber Internet Plans

For $50 per month, subscribers will get up to 100 Mbps upload & download speeds. For $70 per month, subscribers will get up to 1 gigabit (1,000 Mbps) upload & download speeds. For both the plans, there is:

  1. No data caps
  2. No rental fee for Wi-Fi router

The $50 per month and $70 per month internet plan subscribers can also “keep Fiber for a year and your $100 installation fee is waived.” Both the plans also allows you to add home phone by paying $10 extra per month. TV Content, DVR and TV Box are not included in the plan. If you want these services, you can choose $130 per month plan.

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