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Google Fiber Expanding To San Francisco Soon

Google Fiber Expanding To San Francisco Soon
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Google Fiber Expanding To San Francisco Soon

A few days ago, it was reported that Google Fiber is expanding to another city, which is Alabama and has plans to do so in six other cities. Today we report that the internet service is now bringing its service to another city – San Francisco.

According to The Verge, Google has announced that it intends to bring its fast gigabit internet to a part of San Francisco, specifically to affordable housing units, apartments, and condos. However, no exact place is mentioned to be targeted and no exact date is given when it will start offering the said internet service.

And just like what it planned for Huntsville, Fiber will also be relying on existing fiber networks to provide its internet service. This limits where Google can offer its internet, but can also mean a faster way for the search giant to launch its Fiber service.

Google has explained that by using the said existing fiber cables to connect some of the mentioned buildings, like it has already done in the past, it can bring its service quicker and allow it to serve parts of San Francisco. This in turn helps the city’s current efforts to bring “abundant, high-speed internet to the City by the Bay” reports BGR.

So far, this plan is still in its early stages so there isn’t any list of buildings that will be included on those that will get the search giant’s internet service. For now, the giant tech is asking San Francisco residents to sign up in order to receive the latest updates regarding the project.

Google fiber said in its blog post that it started six years ago with the goal of making the web better and faster for everybody. It started in Kansas City and has now committed to bring Fiber to a total of ten metropolitan areas.

It has been building fiber-optic networks from scratch and has recently expanded to tapping into a city’s planned municipal fiber network which it did with Huntsville, Alabama that is currently in the process of also getting connected.

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