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Google, Facebook, WhatsApp & Snapchat Ensure Security Of Users

Google, Facebook, WhatsApp & Snapchat Ensure Security Of Users via Compfight cc


Google, Facebook, WhatsApp & Snapchat Ensure Security Of Users

Apple’s fight against the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) over encryption issues has been in the spotlight for quite some time. Other tech companies like Google, Facebook, Snapchat and WhatsApp are seeking similar ways of boosting security measures in their messaging apps.

To add strength to their initiatives, Silicon Valley’s leading companies are trying plausible ways of beefing up security of users’ calls, chats, group messages, etc. The companies are making sure that all voice calls and messaging services through the social networking sites are encrypted for security. For instance, Facebook’s messaging tool WhatsApp has almost one billion monthly users. The idea is to find out an encryption code that could secure user date, leaving no loopholes.

Snapchat is another popular messaging service, which is trying to find a more secure messaging system. On the other hand, Google is trying to find the encryption used for emails, so as to ensure maximum privacy to every user’s emails.

The latest move by several tech companies came amidst the growing rivalry between Apple and the Bureau. For a while, the US Department of Justice has been forcing the Cupertino giant to unlock an iPhone used by a terrorist in the San Bernardino case. However, it should be noted that efforts by other tech firms started before Apple’s showdown with the FBI.

The question of user security is a major issue, and it is the primary responsibility of a tech company to convince customers that their private data is fully secured. But according to the US government and law officials, the need to access information from others’ phones is sometimes inevitable in terrorist and criminal investigation, reports CNET.

Many small rivals, such as, Wickr, Signal, Telegram and Wire are trying to work out on new security features effective for end to end encryption. Meanwhile, Apple is leaving no stone unturned to develop even stronger techniques by ensuring full-disk encryption on its devices, and end-to-end encryption on FaceTime and iMessage, states Fortune.

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