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Google EU Antitrust Case: Will Facebook Overtake The Mobile Market In Europe?

Google EU Antitrust Case: Will Facebook Overtake The Mobile Market In Europe?


Google EU Antitrust Case: Will Facebook Overtake The Mobile Market In Europe?

We all know that there is a cold war between Google and Facebook. One always tries to overpower the other. There was no other company in the internet that could beat Google, but then the social media giant slowly rose to fame and attacked one of the search engine giant’s most popular site at that time, Orkut. It is now looking forward to integrating search on the platform and defeating Google once again. How can Google EU antitrust case help Facebook to achieve its motive?

When a company holds power in a market as big as Europe and does not allow competitors to reach to their target audiences, it becomes next to impossible to expand services in that particular market. For example, when Google Chrome comes pre-loaded on your mobile phone, would you download Firefox?

When one app is doing the same service already on the phone, why would you let another similar app eat up space on your device especially when you cannot uninstall the first browser? If the Europe commission wins the case and Google can no longer manipulate the mobile market, it would open up a lot of opportunities for companies like Facebook.

If what Google is accused of doing turns out to be illegal, the search engine giant will not be able to pay financial incentives to smartphone manufacturers on the condition of pre-installing Google apps like Google Search and Chrome on the devices. Other companies like Facebook will then have scope to mark their presence in the web on smartphones and not just restrict themselves as apps. Here is the other scene… As Fortune puts it,

“As long as they (Android users) are using Google Search and other tied-in services such as Maps and Chrome, Android users are giving Google an opportunity to show them ads, while also feeding it the data it needs to keep its services at the top of their respective games.”

If the tables turn, Google will no longer be in the same position, which will result in lesser data collection from internet surfers which again will result in lesser ads. So, Facebook, another advertising giant, will get good control over advertising. The social media site will also get a chance to openly jump into the search business. But only if the search engine company loses the Google EU antitrust case and loses domination over the European mobile market.

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