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Google Enters Healthcare Industry With Wearable Tracker

Google Enters Healthcare Industry With Wearable Tracker
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Google Enters Healthcare Industry With Wearable Tracker

Google is about to debut a healthcare product this summer to help doctors keep tabs on health conditions of patients undergoing clinical trials.

The latest wearable device, said to be for doctors as well as patients, ensures continuous and accurate measurement of different health parameters such as pulse rate, heart rhythm and skin temperature. Along with those, the device will also offer environmental information such as extent of exposure to light and the level of noise in the surroundings.

Built by the research division of Google, Google X, which also designed the Google Glass, the latest wearable device is not intended to be a consumer product; rather, it is planned to be a product sold on prescription of medical practitioners.

The wristwatch-like device will continuously track health data of the patient along with a number of other surrounding conditions known to have sensory impact on human health. The particular motto of this product is to ensure that any abrupt changes in health parameters of individuals do not go unnoticed.

As said to Bloomberg by Andy Conrad, head of life sciences team at Google, the company hopes to initiate trials this summer, but still, regulatory approvals from U.S. and Europe are still pending.

Even after the claim of Conrad, the latest Google wearable health tracker, which no doubt bears similarity to the Apple Watch, will not be a consumer-targeted product. We can expect the product to be available for anyone after its launch.

Initially, Google Glass was also not promoted as a consumer-centric product, but with demands on the rise, Google made the Glasses available to anyone ready to pay its hefty price.

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