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Google Employee Murder: Man Offering Water To Jogger Not Linked To Marcotte’s Killing

Google Employee Murder: Man Offering Water To Jogger Not Linked To Marcotte’s Killing


Google Employee Murder: Man Offering Water To Jogger Not Linked To Marcotte’s Killing

A 71-year-old man who volunteers to transport people to medical appointments created a stir when he parked his van in Shirley on Tuesday and offered a running woman a bottle of water.

The incident caused people to wonder whether he was linked to the murder of Vanessa Marcotte, who was killed after being attacked on August 7.

Google employee Marcotte was jogging near her mother’s house in Princeton, Massachusetts, when she was attacked and killed. The case has not yet been solved.

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Google employee murder: People wondered whether incident was linked to Marcotte’s killing

While the police initially warned residents of Shirley about the incident, they later said it was an “innocent act” involving a man offering a woman a bottle of water, further saying it was not connected to Marcotte’s killing.

The incident was documented by the woman on Facebook. She wrote that she was running on Hazen Road when she saw a cargo passenger van traveling in her direction. After stopping beside her, the driver asked through the passenger side window, “Do you want some water?”

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Google employee murder: ‘At this point, my heart was beating pretty fast’

“At this point,” the woman wrote, “my heart was beating pretty fast since #1- I am completely aware that a woman was murdered in Princeton while out on a run about 10 miles from here #2 – In my 20 plus years of being runner no one has ever run me off the road to stop and offer me a water. Actually no one has ever stopped to offer me anything. #3 – I think I can see someone hiding in row 2. Who the hell drives round with a person in row 2 rather than the front seat? #4 Don’t we all learn in pre-school you don’t accept food or drink from a stranger? It could be poison.”

The woman reached out to the police around 10 a.m. As reported by the Boston Globe, the police chief referred to the volunteer as a “good Samaritan” and described him as “in his 50s or 60s, was scruffy-looking, and was wearing large sunglasses.”

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