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Google Doodle Commemorates Valentine’s Day through Romantic Stories

Google Doodle Commemorates Valentine’s Day through Romantic Stories


Google Doodle Commemorates Valentine’s Day through Romantic Stories

As always, Google celebrates special occasions along with its users through its Google Doodle. For this Valentine’s Day, the search engine is getting on with the spirit of romance by making its homepage celebrate true-to-life stories of American romance.

The familiar Google logo, as a usual practice, is currently replaced; this time by six multi-colored hearts that seem to be made of candy. Each heart stands for popular love themes for the season: crush, Mr. Right, first kiss, 4ever yours, puppy love, and blind date.

By clicking on any of those hearts, users would be able to launch an interesting animated short love story. Each of those features stories of real-life people. The animation is accompanied by audio from Ira Glass along with the public radio team ‘This American Life.’

Romantic stories

So what can be expected from each story? ‘Crush’ narrates a short tale of a high school senior who had set her eyes on another schoolmate for the past four years. It was a typical story that most of the online users could really relate to. At one point in our lives, for sure, we surely admired someone in a romantic way but had been too shy to say anything about that feeling.

‘Puppy Love’ narrates a humorous love story of a middle-school relationship. It brings the audience to the thrills and innocence of young love. The other four stories all relate to other people from various age groups.

Special collaboration 

Google Doodle has already produced over 2,000 illustrations within 16 years of its existence. The current Valentine’s Day doodle was developed from a chance meeting between the Google Doodle team and Glass when the latter once dropped by the company’s headquarters.

As part of the special collaboration, Glass agreed to supply six snippets of special audio narration based on real-life American love stories. Those romantic stories are aimed at giving inspiration and facilitating nostalgia of fun and young love, marriage, puppy love, and first kiss.

Google Doodle

The Google Doodle team has again taken ample time to prepare for this Valentine’s special. It spent considerable amount of time and efforts to sketch the ideas to create perfectly timed animations. Obviously, giving life to each of the six pieces of those heart-shaped candies was not as simple as it may seem.

The team now employs three full-time engineers who work closely with 10 dedicated artists to create every edition of the Doodle. All of them were tasked to focus on creating short animations as well as illustrations for moments and events.

Unfortunately, the current Valentine’s Day heart-shaped candies are restricted to visitors outside the US. In other countries, Google Doodle features chocolate making doodle instead. 

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