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Google Declares Broadband Connection For Everyone In Cuba

Google Declares Broadband Connection For Everyone In Cuba
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Google Declares Broadband Connection For Everyone In Cuba

US President Barrack Obama further strengthened his new vision of change in Cuba by declaring that Google will soon expand Internet access in the region. The President confirmed the news through an interview with ABC News.

“Change is going to happen here and I think that Raul Castro understands that,” Obama announced during his visit to the Cuban capital. He further pointed out that the change would take some time and should not be expected to happen overnight.

The president’s announcement was broadcasted on Monday, showing the Cuban citizens that despite significant differences around individual liberties and human rights on the island, the introduction of broadband access in the region would prompt new changes.

The President’s visit to the communist island will be noted in history since he is the first US president who visited the region in 88 years. A few months ago, Obama and Castro surprised the world in December 2014 by announcing that both countries would start settling things amicably to normalize relationships.

Google’s WiFi expansion plan in the region will allow people from all stratum to connect with each other and boost personal and professional prospects. Obama was on the same stage with Castro when he announced to the press on Monday. “There’s no doubt that the Cuban government is still a one-party state that’s exerting control and that’s stifling dissent,” he said as quoted by Hindustan Times.

Right now, Cuba is one of the least digitally efficient countries in the world. After the announcement by the US President, Cuba’s state telecommunications company, ETECSA, launched the first domestic broadband scheme in the region. However, the service will initially spread out in Old Havana then to other parts of the nation.

Until the recent broadband announcement made on Monday, domestic internet connections were only available to employees of foreign companies and diplomats at a costly price of $2 for a single hour. However, the new initiative to digitalize the nation is expected to drive a lot of competition and encourage prompt digital growth, notes Gizmodo.

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