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Google Chrome vs Microsoft Edge: Which Browser Do You Prefer?

Google Chrome vs Microsoft Edge: Which Browser Do You Prefer?
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Google Chrome vs Microsoft Edge: Which Browser Do You Prefer?

Google Chrome killed Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. After that, no web browser could overtake it. Today, Windows 10 is booming and is at an all-time high. And the operating system is loved more for its features than anything else. Microsoft is working on improving the working performance of your computer in every possible way. With this, Windows 10 also came with Microsoft Edge. Like other features and functions, will Microsoft Edge be also loved? Let’s see whether this web browser has the potential to beat Chrome in our Google Chrome vs Microsoft Edge comparison below:

Let us start our Google Chrome vs. Microsoft Edge; with what one has and other lacks. Starting with Microsoft’s Edge browser, what I loved the most is, Web Notes. This feature is available in Chrome as well but it comes as an add-on. You need to download it from the Google Web Store. This is not the case with the Edge. Web Notes come along with the browser. It allows you to highlight necessary chunks of content on web pages, make notes on the pages, copy web content, erase whatever you have written, etc. And then you can save these pages as well. Reading Mode is also integrated into the browser, whereas on Chrome you again have to download an add-on. More stuff you load your browser with, the performance of the web browser gets affected. It is always great to have such features integrated.

The browsers are judged for the loading time of web pages. Pages on Chrome loads faster than Edge. Chrome is quick, Edge is slow. Moving on to new tabs: On Google Chrome, a search bar appears along with recently opened pages; whereas on the Edge, a search bar appears along with top sites (which can be customized). Besides this, half of the page is loaded with news powered by MSN. These pages open by default on the browsers. So when we speak of the look and compare Google Chrome against Microsoft Edge, both the browsers have a neat and clean look.

Many tech websites like Mashable, TechRepublic, etc., tested these web browsers. In the tests, one browser was better than the other when tested on different criteria. So we can say that in a battle between Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, both the browsers are equal. The only obstacle for Edge is user’s acceptance. It is safe to say that Microsoft Edge is another Chrome. Please note that Mashable and TechRepublic’s reports are from 2015, so they may not be as apt today as they were back then.

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