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Google Chrome Turns 6; Announces 300 Million Users

Google Chrome Turns 6; Announces 300 Million Users


Google Chrome Turns 6; Announces 300 Million Users

Google Chrome Turns 6; Announces 300 Million UsersHow time flies! Google’s Chrome has just turned six years old. The most used search engine in the world said its free and open-source browser had its birthday last Wednesday (September 3).

In a post on its own Google+, the technology firm expressed its delight with the continuous growth of Chrome. It also reiterated the growth of the browser especially on mobile, which is becoming a very popular platform for Internet users all around the world.

Back in 2008, when Chrome was established and introduced to the public, Google boasted about its simplicity and stability. It was initially marketed as an improvement to the then popular online browsers.  According to observers and analysts, it was not hard for Chrome to persuade many users to make the switch.

Overwhelming 300 million users

As a timely milestone for its 6th birthday, Google Chrome has also announced that its total users have already reached over 300 million worldwide. That is about tenfold increase compared to its number of users last year.

The robust growth in volume of users could be attributed to the increased popularity of Chrome specifically on mobile. Chrome automatically comes as a pre-installed app on Android devices, which dominate the market. Users of iOS and other mobile operating systems can download the browser app for free.

The future of Google Chrome

Of course, the Google Chrome team itself would not allow the opportunity to pass for it to thank the browser’s users. In a statement, the team said it acknowledges the help of the users for helping the group make the worldwide web much better.

Aside from simplicity and speed, the Chrome team boasted about the browser’s security features. They are also proud about how unique it is compared to other browsers.

Throughout its 6-year existence, Google Chrome has introduced many firsts in the industry. In the process, it set new standards. For one, it was the first browser to update itself particularly in the background. Secondly, its update cycles, which comes more frequently, has long been adopted by most of its competing online browsers like Mozilla’s Firefox.  

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