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Google Chrome Displaces Microsoft IE as Leading Browser in the US

Google Chrome Displaces Microsoft IE as Leading Browser in the US


Google Chrome Displaces Microsoft IE as Leading Browser in the US

Google Chrome Displaces Microsoft IE as Leading Browser in the USFor the first time, Google has unseated Microsoft as the top browser operator in the US. This is according to latest data released by the Adobe Digital Index (ADI). To most industry observers, this information from the analytics platform is logical and not surprising.

ADI measures browser usage based on tracked visits to the US-based Website. A closer look at the data may clearly indicate how Google was finally able to steal the crown from the long-time top browser Microsoft Corp’s Internet Explorer (IE).

In April this year, according to ADI information, Google accounted for a total of 31.8% of total browser usage in the US. That compares to Microsoft’s 30.9% share. Meanwhile, Apple Inc’s Safari was trailing behind in the third place with a combined browser usage share of 25%. On the fourth and last slot is Mozilla’s Firefox, which accounted for just 8.7%.

Rise of mobile browsers

The significant increase in Google’s browsing share can be attributed to the increasing trend in mobile browsing, specifically those that are done through smartphones. This was also the case for Apple’s Safari. Obviously, Microsoft’s IE is underperforming in this department.

Data for desktop browser usage tells a different story. Google Chrome was used by 31% of users on the desktop during the month. That was lagging behind IE’s desktop browsing share of 43%. Safari, on the other hand, was used by just 10% of desktop users.

Aligning with global data

Google Chrome’s mobile usage was obviously and logically the leader when it comes to mobile browsing. Aside from Chrome, Google also has Android to be cited for that strength. Safari had a 59% share on mobile browsing, which also bolstered its overall standing.

This was also the reason why Mozilla is still lagging behind all three rivals. It is yet to create a significant browser version for mobile computing.

Google’s browsers have been the most popular worldwide since May 2013, still according to ADI. But it took about a year for Google to finally topple Microsoft’s IE as the leader in browsing in the US. According to analysts, Google is expected to further widen the gap between itself and Microsoft in terms of browser use in the coming months. That is because the popularity of mobile computing,  especially through the use of smartphones and tablets, is set to continue increasing.

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