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Google Celebrates Pony Express’ 155th Anniversary

Google Celebrates Pony Express’ 155th Anniversary
Image from Flickr by William Arthur Fine Station


Google Celebrates Pony Express’ 155th Anniversary

Image from Flickr by William Arthur Fine Station

Image from Flickr by William Arthur Fine Station

Google has created an animated Doodle game in celebration of the 155th anniversary of the Pony Express on April 13. The company has also sought the help of animator Nate Swinehart to explain the history of Pony Express in a YouTube video. The video (see below) also provides a glimpse of how a Google Doodle is made.

Google Doodle Game

The Google Doodle game features a Pony Express delivery man traveling the Wild West. Players help him collect letters for delivery without bumping to cacti all over the place.

Pony Express

Vox described the Pony Express as “a legendary service;” legendary for being able to linger in the hearts and memories of American people even if the business only lasted for 18 months.

One hundred fifty-five years ago, Pony Express delivered its first mail from St Joseph, Missouri to San Francisco. The operation lasted from October 1861 and closed thereafter after 81 weeks. The business was killed by the telegraph.

The first electronic telegraph took place on October 24, 1861. Pony Express closed two days after.

An American Myth Without American Tragedy

Vox noted important literature contribution that romanticized the Pony Express in the hearts of the Americans.

In Orphans Preferred: The Twisted Truth and Lasting Legend of the Pony Express, author Christopher Corbett wrote: “In the American memory, that man is still riding across the country.” Buffalo Bill of Wild West show, Mark Twain, Dime novels and the 1948 Hollywood film “Fort Apache” all carved the image of the Pony Express delivery man in the memories of the people, passing it from one generation to another.

“It’s an American myth without American tragedy. The bloodshed, suffering, and seediness of the Wild West aren’t part of the myth of the short-lived delivery service. It’s a benign memory of the Old West. It’s a powerfully romantic figure on the back of a fast horse,” Corbett wrote in his book.

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